It’s always exciting to plan a birthday party, especially a themed one. Perhaps a loved one has an upcoming birthday that falls on a Browns game day or close to. If so, plan a tailgate party for a birthday celebration everyone will love. If you combine a tailgate party with a birthday party, the planning will come together beautifully and everyone can get into the fun. The following are some tips to follow and supplies to have on hand for the perfect birthday surprise.

1. Invitations: Some of the best parts of party planning can be in the invitations or name cards. Use a template found online like this one for a crafty and simple invitation. If you’re not sending out invitations, perhaps you’d rather use name tags on potential party favors or even the punch or beer cups. Make sure the labels or place cards have a football theme like these stickers that are customizable for your special Browns occasion.  

2. Party Supplies: No birthday party is complete without birthday hats. Go with the Browns theme and get crafty. Make your own hats with a quick printable template and decorate them how you like or get to Party City for some festive football gear. Party favors aren’t always necessary, but sometimes you just want your guests to feel like they’re part of the celebration even if it isn’t their birthday. Again, Party City has some great favors like beer koozies and shot glasses (for the older party guests), or you can craft your own favors. Treat bags full of orange and brown M&Ms are great little gifts for guests young and old.

3. Party Food: Party food and tailgating food are an easy combination. To begin, there’s the birthday cake or cupcakes that are easily decorated with a football and Browns theme. Moving on to the snacks, stick to simple options like chips and pretzels. Doritos and Cheetos mixed with pretzels are an obvious brown and orange mixture that everyone is sure to love. Mix it up with some chocolate-covered pretzels using colored chocolate or sprinkles. Wings and buffalo chicken dip are crowd pleasers for the snackers who want more protein and meat dishes. Trail mix is another option and a much healthier choice. Just throw in some of those orange and brown M&Ms to keep the spirit going. 

4. Game Time: If celebrating at home, make sure everyone in the house agrees that game time is television time and there’s only one channel you can be tuned into. If at the game, ensure the entire group gets moving toward the stadium with enough time to find seats and catch kickoff. It’s a Browns birthday party after all, so make sure everyone is in their Browns gear and spirit to celebrate with the birthday boy or girl.

Most of all, just have fun and make sure that it’s not just a tailgate party. Keep the birthday theme intertwined with the tailgating and be sure to sing “Happy Birthday” during half time. Hopefully your birthday guest will get the most prized gift of all: a Browns victory!

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Kaitlin Dershaw is an Ohio native with a distinct love for Cleveland. She enjoys making new discoveries from tasty places to eat and drink, to perfectly unique live music venues. Her work can be found at


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