DETROIT (WWJ) – If you feel yourself getting a headache around the holidays, you’re not alone.

The holiday season may also be known as headache season.

Doctors have said it’s not uncommon to see an increase in people complaining about migraines around this time of  the year.

Jennifer Kriegler of the Cleveland Clinic said that scents are a big migraine trigger because things like holiday candles and wreaths provide smells we don’t typically get the rest of the year, so they can cause a headache to develop.

“Holidays are stressful times and there (are) lots of migraine triggers around,” Kriegler said. “You don’t eat the same, you don’t drink the same way.”

Dr. Kriegler said some people will actually make it through the holidays headache free, but as soon as they’re over, they develop stress-related headaches caused by the relief that’s felt after the fact.


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