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CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – Big Dawg, Fireman Ed, Bone Lady, Clipper Darrell – what do they have in common? The answer is dedication, an alter ego, and the ability to lift the spirits of thousands of fans in the stands or at home with a simple chant, dance, or gesture.

Now, we can add another name to the list of Cleveland sports superfans who have received national recognition – Pumpkinhead. In a recent photo gallery posted to, the sports publication listed Noteworthy Sports Superfans. Pumpkinhead along with the beloved Big Dawg and The Bone Lady are featured in the gallery.

The Pumpkinhead legacy started in 2002, when Gus Angelone was looking to capture attention at Browns’ home games after a minor uniform change that included altering the color of the helmet to pumpkin orange. Gus explains, “I started carving, decorating, and wearing a REAL pumpkin. After thanksgiving pumpkins are out of season & hard to come by, so that next fall season I went to a craft store and made a replica pumpkin and have been wearing it ever since.”

Angelone, a Parma resident and employee at the General Motors Stamping Plant, feels flattered to receive the honor from Sports Illustrated. He says, “It feels awesome to be recognized with other great superfans around the country, such as local standout superfans such as Big Dawg & Bone Lady, and even icons that have passed like Denver’s Barrel Man.”

Besides the superfan persona, Angelone heads Browns Backer chapter #532, the Pumpkin Patch Browns Backers. He says his club’s mission ” is to throw the most amazing, all inclusive tailgate parties & events in Cleveland that are family friendly, [and] opposing team friendly (with a little razzing for them of course) all while raising money for a number of different charities over the years.”

Angelone has two boys, CJ (age 5) and Vince (age 4) with his wife of five years, Sarah.

You can join Pumpkinhead and 92.3 The Fan at the Barley House on West 6th Street in Cleveland for the ultimate Tailgate Party before the two remaining Cleveland home games. Get more information HERE. Follow Pumpkinhead on Twitter @PumpkinNation or visit his website


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