Jeff Phelps’ Thoughts On Browns 30-7 Win Over KC

Thoughts as I watch the Browns play the Chiefs at the Stadium…

1st Quarter

Jamal Charles is from Port Arthur,Texas. He went to high school about a mile from what used to be KJAC-TV, where I worked for 5 years and 21 days (not that I was counting) to begin my sportscasting career. Despite all that, and my fondness for all things Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas, I’m not pleased that Charles just went 80 yards for a touchdown on the Kansas City Chiefs’ first offensive play of the game. Seriously? Really? Eighty yards on the first play? Yikes. 7-0 Chiefs.

Former Brown Peyton Hillis greeted by a fine round of boos by by the folks at the stadium. Not that we expected anything but.

Former Brown Brady Quinn just threw a great ball to Dwayne Bowe for a 47-yard gain. Never mind the push off by Bowe on Joe Haden. Wondering what Derrick Anderson is doing today?

Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop clanks a 27-yard field goal off the left upright. Seriously, shouldn’t he have changed that last name by now. SUCK-UP. Not a name for any athlete, especially a kicker. Poor bloke.

Thrilled to see Phil Dawson get a field goal, wish the Browns would have scored a touchdown. As long as it wasn’t by Josh Gordon. Yep, it’s fantasy football. Need a win or a loss by another team to get a playoff spot. The other guy who needs a win has Josh. So… limited success to you today Josh. How about letting Greg Little get the big plays.

Seriously, Gordon is off to a great start — not only in the game with 3 catches for 39 yards, but to his career. He looks like – at the very least – a guy who will be productive for the next 5 to 10 years. Personally, I think he’ll develop into a Pro Bowl caliber receiver. Seems to have great hands, and good speed. Runs good patterns.And all from a guy who had issues in college, didn’t play much, and was surrounded by questions about his football future. Well done, Tom Heckert.

2nd Quarter

Wow! Travis Benjamin! 93-yard punt return, on a play where the Browns shifted their formation just before the punt. Cribbs came up, rushed up the middle to try for the block. Benjamin dropped back. Nice moves and great speed on the run. Can’t wait to see him develop over the next few years. It’s the longest punt return for a touchdown in franchise history. Again, well done Tom Heckert. 10-7 Browns.

Can you tell I’d like to see Heckert continue in his role as general manager? I thought you could.

Charles is out of the game with an injury. So is Bowe. If they stay out, it may be up to Peyton Hillis for the Chiefs. Wouldn’t that be interesting. But, Charles returns later in the quarter.

3rd Quarter

Josh Cribbs getting his wish today – Pat Shurmur has run a couple of wildcat formations, with Cribbs taking the direct snap. Pat’s also called some other interesting stuff, like a double reverse to Benjamin. Amazing how play calling seems creative and bold when players make plays.

Trent Richardson scores a short touchdown to put the Browns up 17-7. CBS analyst Steve Tasker mentions how Trent was a big play, explosive guy at Alabama, but in the NFL, he’s more of a hammer, not as explosive. I sure hope that’s because of the rib injury, and the knee not being quite perfect yet. In fact, that better be the case. Using the third pick in the draft on a non-explosive hammer is the type of thing that would bring Mike Lombardi to town.

It’s now 20-7 after a couple of touchdown passes were called back by penalty. Dawson gets a field goal. This game is dull. Nothing too pretty. And that’s great. The Browns are doing what they’re supposed to do against a team they should beat, and that’s control the game. Other than the Charles touchdown on the first play, the Browns defense has been outstanding.

Montario Hardesty is at it again. A 25-yard gain. He has 5 carries for 41 yards at the moment. A lot of Browns fans wanted to believe Hardesty just wasn’t good, that he was a 2nd round bust. I wanted to wait and see what he could do a full year off his knee surgery for a torn ACL. You know what the doctors say — it’s usual the second season back from an ACL injury before a guy is really back to normal. That’s been the case with Hardesty. He looks explosive and effective.

Hope we can say the same thing about Richardson next season, when he’s healthy again.

4th Quarter

Richardson scores on a 1-yard run, a play after Hardesty fumbled at the goal line (please ignore all previous comments about Hardesty). Browns lead 27-7. That is not a typo, in case you were wondering.

Again, the Browns are doing what they’re supposed to do — dominate a weaker opponent at home. But when’s the last time the Browns had a weaker opponent, one that they were really expected to defeat? That alone shows the progress that’s being made with this team. They’re going to win their 3rd straight game, and I wonder if Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner care. Are their minds already made up about the future head coach and general manager of the Browns? My guess is yes, and nothing that happens the rest of the way can chance a thing. Hope I’m wrong.

It’s now 30-7. The Chiefs aren’t good.

And the final stays the same — Browns get a 30-7 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Browns dominated a weaker opponent, and have now won three straight games, and five of their last eight. Not outstanding, but very nice growth. It makes me excited about what this team could become next season. I say the same thing about the general manager and the coaching staff.

The team, or most of it, will be back. The management? Well stay tuned. But I’d be very surprised (and quite pleased) if either Heckert or Shurmur are with the Browns next season.

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