tailgate fan3 Browns Tailgating Legends
If you think you’re a crazy or diehard fan, check this list first and see if you are cut out to join the ranks. These tailgaters and Browns fans are legends because of what they’ve done in devotion to the sport. Whether you respect these folks for the shows of sportsmanship that they have committed or think they’re a little over the top, you have to admit that they’ve earned their spots on legend lists.

Old Man Jay

Jay has been a season ticket holder for the Browns for 39 years and doesn’t plan on quitting any time soon. He was a co-creator of the Cleveland Browns Bus and developed the fan club that has drawn in hordes of fans and family members. The old yellow short bus painted orange and brown with a “dawg” on the side is the landmark for the tailgating crew that joins in the Muni lot on Sundays. The Old Man is known for his tailgate food and drink that he shares with fellow fans who crowd the bus to celebrate the Browns.

The Bone Lady 

The Bone Lady began as a crafty whim when the Browns became “active” again after their three-year break in the late 90s. Debra Darnall painted her Volvo brown and orange to look like a Browns helmet. To take her show of pride even further, she got her hot glue gun out and made herself a Browns headdress to wear to all tailgating and Browns events. She has become somewhat of a local celebrity, gaining a following and crowds of people wherever she goes. Everyone wants to talk with The Bone Lady, whether it’s to figure out why she does what she does or to express grateful admiration for her Browns devotion.

John “Big Dawg” Thompson 

John Thompson legally changed his name to include his Dawg Pound nickname and wears a number 98 jersey and dog mask to every game. He
vehemently fought the move to Baltimore in 1995 and became the pound’s spokesman, making appearances and doing interviews on television, radio and testifying for the Browns. He is a perfect example of what the Dawg Pound is: a loud, sometimes raucous group of Browns fans that get into the game in as many ways as possible.

Phil, The Bucket Guy

The bucket guy is perhaps the nicest name this man has earned as the crazy Browns fan who dunked his head in a waste bucket while tailgating with friends. Every year, and surely, some don’t get the internet glory this man has received, there’s a Browns fan that does something outlandish and otherwise disgusting or dangerous. Phil did get a sum for his troubles, but can probably attest to the fact that he’ll never do something like this again. Especially after his wife he spoke of in the video saw his crude act of tailgating sportsmanship.

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Kaitlin Dershaw is an Ohio native with a distinct love for Cleveland. She enjoys making new discoveries from tasty places to eat and drink, to perfectly unique live music venues. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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