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CLEVELAND – A couple of notes from Wednesday on the Browns searches.

I know the Browns are waiting until after they find a coach to hire a GM/player personnel director. Contrary to the rumor mill, Mike Lombardi has not been contacted by the Browns for this position.

Our Reggie Rucker told me Wednesday Lovie Smith wants to seriously look at the San Diego opening before looking anywhere else, including Cleveland.

Now that Indianapolis offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is out of the hospital reports are that he will interview with the Bears first. I’m hearing the Browns won’t be to far behind. Multiple sources have told me that he would be very interested in coaching the Browns.

Now that Mike Zimmer and Rob Chudzinski have interviewed, I am wondering what 92.3 The Fan producer Keith Britton is saying when he tweeted.

I respect and trust Keith, he is a worthy follow. He is excellent at his job.

This is was the most interesting story of the day.

It was from The Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Gary Dulac via Sulia. He says, one of the teams Bill Cowher may have talked to was likely the Cleveland Browns, who are owned by Jimmy Haslam, a former Steelers investor who knows Cowher.” But then goes on to write, “But the conversations were mostly one-sided: It consisted of Cowher telling them he is not interested in coaching right now because he is comfortable with his professional and personal life”

It was great information. But did Cowher talk to Haslam or not?


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