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CLEVELAND – Here we go, another era of Browns football. It all starts with a northwestern Ohio guy coming home to lead his team in the future.

Welcome home Rob Chudzinski, welcome home.

I have to be honest at first I was really surprised. Heading into the weekend most people thought this was a three horse race. Ken Whisenhunt, Mike Zimmer, and Bruce Arians.

Things looked a little odd when Arians told a radio station in San Diego that he had permission to talk to four teams including the Browns, but only one team had reached out to him. The Bears. He will interview on Sunday.

I’m not sure if the Browns didn’t get scared off by Arians age. Whisenhunt had just come back for a second interview. It looked like he was going to get the job. Plus, you had a couple of reports that Zimmer was coming back for a second interview on Friday.

I’m sure CEO Joe Banner and Owner Jimmy Haslam are laughing at some of the stuff that is coming out from the media during this process.

As I think back to how this thing shook out. I need to remember an interview we did on Baskin and Phelps on 92.3 the Fan, with WIP’s Howard Eskin. The man who called the team being for sale, the man who told us that Joe Banner was coming to Cleveland months before it happened. He did it again.

He told us don’t look for Joe Banner to make a big splash with a head coach. Look for him to go out and get a hot offensive coordinator. I said it right up until two weeks ago. I kept thinking Haslam would look back to his Pittsburgh roots to make the hire. Looks like Banner won.

We just never really thought that coordinator would be under our noses three times in a guy like Chud.

I can say that with Norv Turner coming along as offensive coordinator (this is according to our sources), this offense will not be boring. I just hope Chud can figure out who the next Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow Jr., and Joe Jurevicious are to lead this team to 10 wins, like he did as the O.C. for Romeo Crennel.

The pressure is on the Browns again. The 5-year plans are gone, no more waiting, fans want more. Most fans won’t like this hire. But, they will turn around if this team can win. Good Luck, Chud. Who says you can’t come home.

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