Browns GM Michael Lombardi called in on the first day TheFan becomes the radio home of the Cleveland Browns. Michael joked with the guys over his “Godfather” intro music and then answered some tough questions on the Browns 2013 draft. Michael talked about the difficulties evaluating a draft immediately after, saying it takes time for players to develop before one can judge a draft class. Michael answered questions about his criticisms towards Brandon Weeden when he was an NFL analyst during last year’s draft, and talked about why the team didn’t draft a quarterback in the later rounds of the draft. The Browns traded their 4th and 5th rounds picks in the draft for future picks, skipping 107 picks in the middle of the draft. Michael answered their reasoning behind this, saying they “added assets” for next year, and one has to “look through a larger lens” when evaluating the move. Michael spoke about their decision making in passing on “The Honey Badger,” taking players with injury and character histories, and said above all else, the team is held accountable to winning, and that’s what they intend to do.

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