Kentucky head coach John Calipari joined Anthony Lima & Dustin Fox to talk about Nerlens Noel’s chances at being the top pick in the NBA draft, Chris Grant’s thorough scouting of Noel, the Cavs’ past picks and not making mistakes, seeking out advice from Chris Grant when Noel tore his ACL in terms of where to receive treatment, the improvement Noel showed in a short few months at the collegiate level, his ability to block shots and how long the transition to the NBA would take, if it’s fair to compare Noel to Anthony Davis, Noel’s character, the criticism that Derrick Rose has gotten for not coming back from an ACL injury, Rose wanting to play but not risking his health, how good Andrew Wiggins is going to be, Kentucky’s recruiting class next season, knocking off Ohio State a couple years ago in the NCAA Tournament, whether he’d take Michael Jordan or LeBron James in their prime and more.