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On Sunday, June 9, 2013, host Katherine Boyd talks with Cleveland entrepreneur Katen “Keith” Pabley, co-founder of Good Greens Bars.

Keith moved to Cleveland from Chicago 5 years ago to attend business school.

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As part of his classwork, he had to write a business plan… and that’s how Good Greens nutrition bars were born.

The company’s philosophy, “eat good, feel good, do good,” symbolizes its commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and giving back to the community. Good Greens bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and contain the nutritional equivalent of 100 percent of your daily fruits and vegetables.

Good Greens bars and powder can be found in more than 1,200 stores nationwide including Heinen’s, Marc’s, Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

The company is located in Shaker Heights, OH. For more information, visit

Keith Pabley, Good Greens

History of Good Greens

Launched in 2011 by Keith, his wife, private investors, and Shaker Launch House, Good Greens Nutrition Bars offer the health benefits of juicing 52 fruits and vegetables… with the taste of a candy bar.

Good Greens bars are all natural, gluten free, dairy free, vegan (no animal products) and low glycemic… so they’re safe for diabetics.

Loaded with protein, fiber, antioxidants, probiotics and Omega 3’s, Good Greens offers superior nutrition and taste when compared to the leading nutrition bars.

You can find Good Greens bars at Heinen’s, Whole Foods, Marc’s, Behuler’s, Acme Fresh Markets, Discount Drug Mart, and select Giant Eagle’s.

Keith is now expanding the Good Greens Brand into Chicago, Iowa and Michigan.

Good Greens is now trying to inspire others

It’s creating jobs and working to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs in Ohio.

Good Greens and Shaker Launch House are teaching entrepreneurship and offering jobs to local high school students.

Good Greens Logo

Guest: Natasha Chornesky, Director of Entrepreneurial Studies at Hawken School

Natasha Chornesky

Natasha came to Shaker Launch House to discover ways to help build her curriculum for the upcoming school year. Launch House directed her to Keith Pabley and Good Greens. Together they developed a way her students could really experience entrepreneurship and help Good Greens at the same time. It was a win-win.

“This experience with Good Greens and Shaker LaunchHouse has been amazing.” according to Chornesky. Prior to joining the faculty at Hawken, Chornesky, who launched her own business,  was also a teacher and administrator in independent and charter schools.  “This is more than just a case study for these students; they are actually becoming entrepreneurs themselves as they form a consulting group with the aim of helping local entrepreneurs. In several short weeks, students have experienced the roller coaster all entrepreneurs ride as they  transform an idea into reality.”

Pabley and Chornesky developed a “Business Solution Competition,” in which  students analyzed a business challenge Good Greens faced and provided a viable solution based on analyzing the data and performing field research. The team that provides the best solution wins a $2,500.00 summer internship with Good Greens, and the opportunity to work for the company part-time.

“The issue that we tasked the students with is to determine how to duplicate the success that Good Greens is having at Heinen’s with other local retailers, such as Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Dave’s, and Marc’s” stated Pabley. “It’s something we need to determine as we plan our growth into new markets.”

Students interviewed the wellness managers at Heinen’s stores; perfomed data analysis on the various promotions and pricing structures that Good Greens did with other retailers, like Whole Foods, Marc’s Behuler’s and Daves, and in some cases they even performed product sampling demos at stores to get actual  customer feedback.

“It’s been a great learning experience.” said Hawken Senior Emily Leizman, who performed some of the demos to customers at Whole Foods. “It’s one thing to hear about how great a product is from the owner of the company, but it’s another thing to have complete strangers tell you how much they enjoy Good Greens, and what they would like to see the company develop or change in the future,” added the entrepreneurial senior.

Good Greens and the judges will award the $2,500.00 to the Hawken Entrepenures on Wednesday October 10th at 12:30pm after each team presents their case. Good Greens is no stranger to business competitions having won $10,000 in the Cleveland COSE Small Business Competition last year. “I learned a great deal by presenting at the Cose Competition last year, and I’m hoping the same success will happen for these students as well.”


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