ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (CBS Cleveland) — A woman who worked for Lowe’s for 18 years claims she was fired after helping to catch a shoplifter.

Karen Sizemore tells CBS affiliate WLKY-TV that she followed a shoplifter – later identified by Elizabethtown authorities as Kyle Heim – to his car and tried to grab the $600 Dewalt Tool Kit from the back of his car. She was unsuccessful in doing so but did get the shoplifter’s license plate number.

“It was just the adrenaline rush, I’m not taking it anymore,” Sizemore told WLKY. “You just get to the point where you’re so tired of people stealing from you.”

Sizemore was hailed a hero by her Lowe’s co-workers, being called “Rambo” and “Wonder Woman.” But the mood turned shortly thereafter when the company she’s been working at for nearly 20 years terminated her.

“Their explanation was I put myself and other people in danger and they fired me,” Sizemore said. “Eighteen years with this company, for chasing a shoplifter. This is the thanks I get?”

Lowe’s said in a statement that employees have guidelines in how to deal with a shoplifter.

“Our policies are in place for the safety of our workers,” Lowe’s said in a statement to WLKY. “We have very specific guidelines when it comes to handling potential shoplifters, to ensure the well-being of not only our team but our customers.”

Sizemore is hoping to get her job back and is considering hiring a lawyer to do so. Lowe’s is continuing to investigate the incident.


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