INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (CBS Cleveland) – A mother found out that her 15-year-old son was killed by reading about it on Facebook, before police could even properly identify his body at the scene.

Nikkita Milledge, told WTHR that she read about her son, Anthony Warren, being killed outside of an apartment complex Saturday through Facebook.

“Someone put on Facebook ‘RIP Anthony, I’ll miss you,'” Milledge explained to WTHR. “The phone calls to my house and my cell phone from there.”

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said her son died after he was shot twice. Now the family is seeking justice for the football player who was a state champion and placed second in the state several times.

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“I just want whoever killed Anthony Warren or knows who killed Anthony Warren to just give the information to the police so my son can have justice for what happened to him,” Milledge told WXIN.

Warren left home Friday to go visit a friend and was going to be dropped off on Saturday, Milledge explained.

“Saturday afternoon, I hadn’t heard from him and I called him at about 1:48 and he didn’t’ answer his phone. I later found out that at 1:48 Anthony was already dead. He had died at 1 o’clock,” Milledge said to WXIN.

Police received a call for gunshots heard near an apartment complex and when they arrived Warren was dead.

“He loves everybody around the house. He takes care of everybody,” Johnny Milledge, Anthony’s brother, told WXIN.

Police are investigating and looking for those responsible for Warren’s murder. Funeral services are pending.


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