COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – A pornographic video was uploaded to the official website for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Officials are unsure who posted the video – which was simply titled “Sexy Babe” – to the site late last month, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

There is a theory as to how it happened, however.

The Dispatch learned that the Department’s Risk Based Data Management System, which contains “comprehensive well data for over 100,000 wells permitted since 1980,” can be accessed for file transfers without the need for specific credentials.

This would have allowed the owner of the pornographic materials to post them, as well as several music files, to the site.

“Someone was using it as cloud storage,” Eileen Corson, ODNR spokeswoman, was quoted as saying on the matter. “Unfortunately, that happens.”

The department took the files down upon their discovery.


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