There are two sides to every coin, including the shiny new penny that depicts Johnny Manziel as savior of the Cleveland Browns.

On the one side, it’s just as you would expect.

“Dude, it’s all Manziel fever,” Andy Baskin, co-host of “Baskin and Phelps” on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, said on Ferrall on the Bench. “That’s all it is around here. I mean, Mike Brown got fired (by the Cavaliers on Monday), and all people still want to talk about is Johnny Manziel and, ‘Is Manziel going to start? Can he beat out Brian Hoyer? Let me buy his jersey. Are we going to buy some tickets? Now I’m a Browns fan again because Johnny Manziel is here.’”

And then there’s the other side of the coin.

“You also have the other side of the coin that is kind of leery about Johnny Manziel,” Baskin said. “They want to see him do it before he gets a chance to step on the field.”

Read full article and interview at Ferrall on the Bench


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