Chris Sheridan of joined Kiley & Booms to tell Cleveland that LeBron James is coming back to the Cavaliers. He then shared about the possibility that Kevin Love might join LBJ in Cleveland. He was asked to stake his professional reputation on his claim and he gave us his answer.

Has The Decision Already Been Made?
“He’s 100% coming back to Cleveland, yeah, the decision has already been made Pat Riley did his very best to get LeBron to change his mind”

Why Would Miami Be A Bad Choice
“The super team he (Pat Riley) can put together is going to be an old team that over the next 4 years is only going to get older.”

Why Cleveland Would Be The Best Choice
“In Cleveland it’s a young team, it a team that’s gonna grow up with LeBron James feeding them.

“He wants to redeem himself and the only place that offers redemption is Cleveland”

What About Kevin Love to Cleveland?
“I don’t think the Cavs will give up Wiggins in a Kevin Love deal I think the Cavs will put together any other combination of guys, excluding Kyrie.

“They have 3 1st round draft picks in 2015 – those could all go in the bushel.”

Does Love Want To Come To CLE?
“Love has made it known he doesn’t want to play in Cleveland long term, unless he changes his mind it makes no sense for them to go after him.”

Sheridan Trusts His Sources
“This is not my first rodeo, I’m very very confident in my story.”

Kiley then asked “How close to the source are you, the source being LeBron James?”, Sheridan responded with “next question.”

Decision 2.0 will be announced…
“It’ll on the website before LeBron leaves for Brazil. He’s leaving for Brazil tomorrow.”

Listen to the full interview here

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