I’m Proud LeBron James Made The Right Decision To Come Home

I’m proud of the guy. Making the decision to leave for Miami in 2010 seemed like the easy way out to me. Returning to Cleveland isn’t easy. It’s a man move. It’s taking responsibility, it’s accepting a challenge, it’s taking a road that few others would ever take. Impressive.

I’ve had a hunch for several years that this would happen. No facts, just a hunch. Way too many things over the years have pointed to LeBron’s love of Northeast Ohio, and you don’t abandon something you love without regret. When you get a chance to erase that regret, you take it. LeBron has done just that.

I can’t wait to see what the Cavaliers do next. They have a bunch of young, talented, interesting players. Guessing not all of them will be here by the time the season rolls around. That means big moves could be on the way – and if not before the season, certainly in the year ahead.

LeBron playing alongside Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins. Yikes!!!!

I’m thrilled for Anderson Varejao, the only Cavalier left from LeBron’s last Cavalier team. He quietly suffered through four very rough seasons – for both team and personal reasons. His injuries weighed on him. He wanted to contribute but couldn’t. Now he gets his guy – and his team – back.

Uh, David Blatt? Wow! Congratulations on walking into the most amazing opportunity any first-year coach has ever walked into. Can’t wait to see what you do offensively with some amazing offensive talent.

Did Tyronn Lue have anything to do with this? If so, thank you very much.

We know LeBron’s agent Rich Paul had a lot to do with “The Return.” Well done Rich. I personally think it was the best move LeBron could have made on every different front – basketball, image, marketing, legacy…. everything. Rich Paul knew this all along, and he made it happen.

Ultimately, credit goes to two men for the return of LeBron James to Cleveland – LeBron, and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. The split was hard on both men, and created hard feeling all around. Both men have proven themselves big enough to move past old issues, and that doesn’t always happen. Give them both credit. Sure both guys want to win NBA Championships. But – hard to believe – there’s even more to it that winning titles. Dan and LeBron both realized that, found common ground, and created the biggest sports moment Cleveland may have ever seen. LeBron is back.

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