At 12:20pm ET on July 11, 2014, the news that LeBron James was returning to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers hit the world. This is how the news sounded in Cleveland on 92.3’s Baskin & Phelps with Andy Baskin, Jeff Phelps, Anthony Lima and Dustin Fox.

Baskin: WOW
Lima: Can you believe it guys?
Baskin: Unbelievable
Lima: This is actually happening
Phelps: The man with the coldest heart i know, Josh Sabo, is actually tearing up.
Sabo: Oh my god, I can’t believe it. I still can’t believe it.
Fox: Are you freakin’ kidding me?
Baskin: He went to S.I. too, look at that. “I’m coming home”

Baskin: There was a time last night when i thought this wasn’t happening
Phelps: One, I’m proud of the cavaliers. The Cavs put together a good opportunity for lebron to come back. Number two… I’m proud of Lebron James. I never thought he should have left in the first place, because i thought he had business here that he needed to finish and i thought it was in his best interests to stay here. That’s what i thought. And i also thought this was the best situation for him to return to all along. And for marketing purposes, and that’s part of this folks… marketing and business purposes, his best move would be to come back to the cavaliers, and he has done just that.

Phelps: It’s taking some guts to walk away from a team that went to four straight NBA finals. To me, that’s really stepping up. I did a lot of his games in high school and all of his games up until he left, and honestly, this is the most mature, big-time thing I’ve seen him do.

Phelps: keep this in mind, he just set himself up to be a hero and a positive, as opposed to a negative. If he had gone back to Miami, a lot of folks around the country wouldn’t have looked kindly on it, because they’d think ‘man you had a chance to go home, and you didn’t’

Sabo: people are driving up and down Euclid Avenue screaming out of their car windows right now.

Lima: Puff your chest out! Do it Cleveland, this is you, Cleveland! You deserve this, you’ve got it, lebron is coming guys! Be happy today, be happy.

Phelps: That’s what’s touching so many of us, is that we’ve always thought Northeast Ohio is a special place… he thinks it’s a special place.

Listen to the audio as it happened: