We all know Dustin Fox loves sports, but did you know that he loves horror movies… AND tattoos? He has a lot of tattoos, but we noticed that he has multiple portraits of characters from some classic halloween horror flicks as tattoos. So we sat him down, took a few photos and asked him about some of these. This is what he had to say about a few of his favorite horror movie inspired tattoos….


1. Michael Myers from “Halloween”
The all time best horror movie and the scariest of all the characters. I grew up frightened of the “boogey man” as he’s referred to.


2. Pennywise from Stephen Kings “IT”
I mean who wasn’t scared of Clowns growing up. Pennywise still haunts many peoples dreams I’m sure.


3. Jack Torrence (played by Jack Nicholson) in Stephen Kings “The Shining”
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. One of the famous scenes in the movie that takes place at the Overlook Hotel. Jack get’s Cabin Fever and loses his mind in the Haunted Hotel. CLASSIC FLICK!

And for the record, we all know he loves these scary characters because he dresses up as Michael Myers every year for Halloween and walks around work to spook all of his fellow coworkers!


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