If you’re a Buckeye’s fan you should know that the true Pride of of Ohio Stadium is the Marching Band.

They’re known as the Best Damn Band In The Land for a reason – and you don’t have to have been a band geek in high school to know that these students are incredible. Here are 10 of their best performances – watch and be amazed.

A Tribute To…Disney

It starts with the rising of Cinderella’s castle and takes you on a trip through some of your favorite Disney soundtracks – don’t miss the expert baton twirling!

A Tribute To…Hollywood Blockbusters

Some of your favorite film soundtracks are celebrated in this performance! Superman changing in the phone booth is incredible.

A Tribute To…Michael Jackson

The King of Pop gets the marching band treatment on the 25th anniversary of Bad – hear a mashup of your favorite hits from Michael Jackson.

A Tribute To…Classic Rock

The biggest hits from classic rock get celebrated with stick figure formations rocking out on a drum set, a smashing guitar and more.

A Tribute To…Video Games

In this performance the marching band pays homage to video games both old and new and uses sound effects to complete the experience.

A Tribute To…Viva Las Vegas

TBDBITL takes on Vegas – creating on Sin City’s landmarks they only way they know how – with formations!

A Tribute To…The Wizard Of Oz

If you’re a fan of the Wizard of Oz you’re going to love this one! Created to celebrate the anniversary of the film it takes you from beginning to end in about 8 minutes.

A Tribute To…TV Land

If you love TV shows old and new you’ll be a fan of this celebration of TV shows like Dragnet,
The Simpsons, The Adams Family and more.

A Tribute To…West Side Story

Fans of the movie West Side Story will recognize the songs and the scenes from this performance!

Good luck to Ohio State as they take on Oregon on Monday!