By Dustin Fox | 92.3 The Fan

This Monday, The Ohio State University will play Oregon for the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship.  The Buckeyes are no strangers to the national championship title, having won it 7 times before.

We sat down with Dustin Fox, half of Bull & Fox, afternoons on 92.3 The Fan and starting cornerback of the 2002 National Championship team to ask him 5 Quick Questions.

Q: Can you describe how it feels to take the field at a National Championship?

A: It’s the most amazing experience ever. Getting chills through your whole body to look up and see that many fans; especially that many OSU fans, all the bright lights, there is nothing like it.

Q: What kind of camaraderie do you feel with the current class of players as a former player?

A: They seem to be very close, a lot like our team. The team I played on was kind of a team of destiny, and when they lost that game to Virginia Tech they rallied and really fought a lot of adversity, the players really stepped up.

Q: How does this team compare to your National Championship team?

A: Hard to compare two different teams, different coaches different styles. I think that the defense on our team was the best that there has ever been in college football I’ll say that.

Q: Do you think you could start for this team?

A: All day, every day.

Q: Will you get a new tattoo if they win?

A: I have already got too many…

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