Browns head coach Mike Pettine joined Bull & Fox to talk about his first season and the offseason in free agency and the draft, the offensive system under new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, the texting situation with GM Ray Farmer and the exit of Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy Haslam’s involvement with the football decisions, his approach to the tardiness of players to meetings and his message to the players going forward.

On Drafting A QB
Pettine confirms he watches game film on college QBs, to keep all options open.

John DeFilippo’s Offense
The offense will center around the run game with some zone blocking. Everyone wants continuity and he’ll learn new system terminology – not forcing team to re-learn a new system again.

Alex Mack’s Injury
Pettine confirmed Alex Mack is doing well and should be full go for training camp (however he’ll be limited in OTAs and mini-camp due to precautions).

Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine have a “rock solid” relationship but the texting incident was disappointing

Kyle Shanahan
Pettine believes the Kyle Shanahan leaving situation was exaggerated through the media but added he was frustrated that Kyle not buying into the system and they came to a mutual parting.

Drafting Johnny Manziel
Jimmy Haslam had nothing to do with the Browns decision to draft Manziel in the first round.

Free Agency
Pettine said it’s difficult to build teams thru FA – because of the cost. It has to be the “right player at the right price.”

Veteran QB Next Year
Coach Pettine agreed that it’s a fair statement to say that a veteran QB will be in camp, stating that “the bridge isn’t burned on Brian Hoyer”

Team Tardiness
The players are expected to show up for their jobs on time – the rules are consistent with entire team and the issues are dealt with internally.

Johnny Manziel
When asked if Johnny Manziel prepared for his first game, Pettine responded saying that it’s easy to look back and say he wasn’t.

Best Part Of Rookie Year:
“Seeing our guys celebrate win in the locker room” – there’s no better feeling than winning, the food tastes better, the drinks taste better, not to get too lewd the sex is better.”

Pettine quickly said “our PR guy is shaking his head at me right now, I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

Surprising Rookies
Bull followed up with the surprising play of Isiah Crowell. Pettine admitted they thought they were going to give him a year to learn the NFL system but the 4th preseason game against the Bears proved he was ready to go.

When asked which Browns player he would like to be by his side while walking down a dark, Pettine responded with Joel Bitonio just based on his sheer size, Whitner was a close second.


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