The Cleveland Browns recently announced their changes to the logo – turns out the changes were a new orange color and a brown facemask.

It may surprise you, but the since 1999 the Browns have made a quite of few changes to their logos. Enjoy!


In 1970, the Browns started using their orange helmet as the logo with a facemask reminiscent of the times.

1970-1985 Browns


In 1986, they changed the look to a more 3D model and updated facemask

1986-1991 Browns


In 1992, the altered the angle and removed some of the shadows from the facemask

1992-2005 Browns


After the 2005 season, the team made a slight adjustment to the orange color of the helmet and changed to a gray facemask

2006 2014 browns A Quick History Of Cleveland Browns Logos


On Tuesday, the new logo was released with a new brown facemask and a “safety orange” colored helmet.




Brownie the Elf has been around since 1948

1948-1958 Browns


He was given a makeover in 1959

1959 1969 browns A Quick History Of Cleveland Browns Logos


In 2003, the team released a non-helmet alternate logo

2003-2014 Browns Alternate



The official Cleveland Browns text has gone through changes throughout the years.  For years the team had a basic San-serif font.

1972 2002 brownsword A Quick History Of Cleveland Browns Logos


In 2003, without much fanfare, the text was changed to a more block serif BROWNS font while keeping the San-serif CLEVELAND.

2003 2005 brownsword A Quick History Of Cleveland Browns Logos


In 2006, with the change of the helmets, the team also changed the CLEVELAND to match the BROWNS.

2006 2014 brownsword A Quick History Of Cleveland Browns Logos


Today the Browns are going back to a San-serif font with a more modern feel

Browns Reveal 2015 Logo Updates

2015 – present

Dawg Pound

When the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, the team introduced a “Dawg Poung” logo

1999-2002 Dawg Pound


Along with the alternate “B” logo, the new Dawg Poung logo was revealed.

2003-2014 Dawg Pound


Today, the Browns have a more artist Dawg

The Browns introduced an updated Dawg Pound logo Tuesday. / (Photo courtesy Cleveland Browns/NFL)

2015 – present

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