Dr. Phil, legendary TV mental health professional takes a very hard look at the “problem children” on the Browns, Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon. He credits Johnny Manziel for realizing there is a problem that is jeopardizing his career and doing so while he’s young enough to correct things. He says Johnny can come out of rehab a changed man, but the tough part will be avoiding a relapse, and he has to continue to have a strong support system in place for his return.

Dr. Phil feels Josh Gordon has more question marks because of his history of failed drug tests and even a DUI. Josh needs to realize he’s out of strikes and that its up to him to listen to those trying to help him, and also take his time away from football seriously as a message that its his last chance.

Dr. Phil hypothetically puts Manziel and Gordon on his program and explains how he would treat them on set and what he would expect from them on their attempted road to recovery. Dr. Phil calls for accountability from both and that while Manziel has started to show that, its not too late for Josh Gordon either, and both can return and be impact players in the NFL.

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