With the Cleveland Browns recently unveiling changes to their logo with big hoopla (which ended up being a little less than exciting) we decided to take a look at The Cavaliers logos through the years.

It may surprise you that they pretty much did the same thing a few times, although they didn’t wage a marketing campaign around it.

Take a look!

Primary Logos

1970/71 – 1982/83


1983/84 – 1993/94


1994/95 – 2002/03


2003/04 – 2009/10


2010/11 – Present


Alternate Logos

1974/75 – 1982/83


1994/95 – 2002/03


The Cavs used these logos starting in 2003 and updated the color scheme in 2010.


Next time we’ll take a look at the Cavaliers jersey logos and uniforms through the years!

That’s our list… what did we miss?
Also if you have any ideas for our next sports list – Leave your suggestions in the comments below.
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