by Jeff Phelps | Middays 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on 92.3 The FanBy Jeff Phelps | 92.3 The Fan

Kyrie Irving vs. Stephen Curry: Don’t think that Curry will be anything but outstanding in this series. He’ll play very well. But if Kyrie Irving is healthy enough to play significant minutes, and can average something like 18 points a game while Curry scores 25 a game, I think the Cavs will be in god shape. With no injury to Kyrie, the Warriors have a slight edge in this matchup. If Kyrie is really hindered in the series, it’s a major advantage for Golden State.

LeBron James vs. Whatever Warrior Draws the Short Straw: Golden State plans to run a bunch of different guys at LeBron James. Since none of them is the second-coming of Ron Artest, good luck. It won’t matter who is guarding LeBron — this matchup is a huge advantage for the Cavaliers. The Warriors have no shot at slowing down LBJ, and it’s why the Cavs win the series — if Kyrie is able to make reasonable contributions.

Tristan Thompson vs. Draymond Green: Green has received a ton of credit for his good work this season. Thompson will neutralize him. Pretty even matchup at the power forward spot, but look for Thompson to still rebound like crazy.

Timofey Mozgov vs. Andrew Bogut: an excitable Russian 7-footer against an ornery Australian 7-footer. What fun! I think Mozgov will have a big series. Slight edge to the Cavs.

David Blatt vs. Steve Kerr: very interesting dynamic here. Blatt is a rookie NBA head coach, but has been a professional head coach for decades. He’s called the shots in big games before. Kerr is a rookie head coach, but has extensive NBA Finals experience as a player. He’s taken big shots, but hasn’t called the shots (See what I did there?). Both guys with advantages and disadvantages in their resumes. Both guys deserving of a ton of credit in getting their teams to this point. Let’s call this a push.

Summation: Warriors will find they have no answer for LeBron. The Cavs win the NBA Title in six games.