Jason Cole, NFL Writer for Bleacher Report says that Russell Wilson has had a great start to his career and he has some leverage here, but not truly enough to ask for a $22 Million or $23 Million contract. He thinks the Browns should pay him if he does happen to hit free agency, even if it’s more than he truly deserves.

Jason still thinks that Russell Wilson can do more as a QB and the Seahawks offense actually limits what he shows as a threat. He’s not in that “special” category, but he’s different, way better than a game-manager, and has a unique leadership ability. Jason thinks certain teams absolutely could build their franchises around Russell Wilson

Jason mentions that the best thing to happen to Johnny Manziel was that he failed in his rookie season because he’s refocused and coach-able now. He explains that it’s easier to build a team around a QB versus the entire defense because its much more likely to retain 1 player versus an entire unit.


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