Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:06-Kiley & Carman start by talking about the All Star game and it quickly turns to discussion of Pete Rose being honored by Cincinnati and how Kiley thought it was a great spectacle, but Ken wasn’t as thrilled by seeing him.

7:05-Kiley & Carman discuss legendary sports stars in certain cities, like Pete Rose is for Cincinnati and they bring up Bernie Kosar in Cleveland. They talk about reasons why Bernie is so revered in Cleveland and if its deserved. They look at the QB problems since Bernie left and how that contributed to his fame in the city.

8:24-The ESPY Awards will be aired tonight and Caitlyn Jenner will be presented with the Arthur Ashe courage Award and Kiley & Carman debate whether she truly deserves the award and her choices have been courageous. They discuss the life Bruce Jenner lives, the chances made, and how there were choices that others didn’t have.

8:43- Jessica “Evil” Eye, UFC Fighter previews the upcoming fight she has with Miesha Tate and how the two fighters don’t get along. She explains the lack of respect Miesha has for her and the aggression she’ll enter into the fight with. She explains some of the tactics she’ll enter the fight with and the type of fighter she believes she is.

9:03- Howard Beck, Bleacher Report NBA Writer shares that eh wasn’t surprised that Kevin Love rejoined the Cavs, but the fact that he made his decision so quickly was a bit startling. He talks about David Blatt’s comments about his coaching assumptions heading into the NBA and the realization that it was tougher than he’d figured.

9:45-Mark Gubin, who lives in Milwaukee, has a sign on his roof near the airport that says Welcome To Cleveland, and he shares how he came up with the idea for the sign, why he’s kept it so long, and some of the stories he’s heard from others about it.


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