Jarrett Bell, USA Today NFL Writer describes the national perspective of the Browns is that it’s deja vu as they continue to go without a franchise quarterback since the return to Cleveland in 1999. He liked the direction the team headed with the draft, and it’s a reminder that building a power takes time, especially with the revolving door with at Head coach and GM.

Jarrett explains that Johnny Manziel is still the person who is most interesting with the Browns, but even that has a lifespan. He compares Mike Pettine to some of the Browns coaches of years past and how his story will continue to be written by the adjustments he makes as he moves from his rookie year as a coach to a more experienced guy. He says he gets a good feeling from Pettine, but that results is the bottom line, and the Browns will need to have patience before getting the desired results.

Jarrett takes a far-away look at the opening game of the season as the Browns face the Jets and the battle of elite defenses that game could hold. He says it’s still uncertain who will be QB for the Jets and that is going to be a good team if they can limit mistakes.


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