Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:45-Kiley & Carman discuss the finish of yesterday’s Open Championship. They discuss Zach Johnson’s emotions, how Jordan Spieth played, and who they were rooting for in yesterday’s final round. They discussed the greeting of Spieth to Zach Johnson after he won and how you’d have never seen Tiger do something like that to celebrate another golfers moment.

7:24-Along with Randy Moss, Josh Gordon is helping out Terrelle Pryor with his transition to WR. Kiley & Carman chat about whether it is a positive or negative that Gordon is helping out Pryor. They discuss the challenges Pryor will be facing to not only make an impact, but even to make the team.

7:43- Jarrett Bell, USA Today NFL Writer shares how the nation views the situation with the Browns and what is holding them back from being on the level of the other teams in the AFC. He gives us his thoughts on Mike Pettine and what the expectations should be as he moves to a 2nd-year coach and the patience the ownership needs to have with Pettine if they want him to turn this team around.

8:23- Kyle Porter, CBS Golf Writer calls the final round yesterday the best round of golf he’s seen in over 3 years. He explains why some people don’t get behind Zach Johnson the way they do with other golfers and how he doesn’t feel the PGA Championship loses much juice now that the Grand Slam chance is gone for Spieth.

9:05-Kiley & Carman discuss a story of a mother who has filed lawsuit in California claiming that a football helmet was to blame in the death of her son while playing the sport. They look at who to blame if the helmet didn’t fit right and that the helmet company never would have approved the helmet knowing it was faulty.


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