Bobby Marks, former Nets Assistant GM says he’d seriously consider Becky Hammon for head coach if he was still a GM in the NBA. He explains how it’s not based on the Summer League and the wins she racked up there, but how her basketball mind is one that does truly command respect. He saw he interaction with players directly while at the Summer League and came away impressed.

Bobby feels that there will always be some situations that are better than others for Hammon to get her start, and that a franchise would need an identity and an idea of what they are and want to be before they could hire her. He says that any GM who hires Hammon or any other female knows that his job is directly tied to theirs and its a confidence and security issue as to why the discussion is just being had now for the first time.Bobby feels the time will come when there is a female coach in the NBA and very soon.

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