Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch chats about Braxton Miller’s announcement to change positions. He tries to figure out why the announcement came now and how long it’s been since he decided to make that call. Bill says regarding his discussions with the coaching staff and Braxton Miller’s dad that the door hasn’t been closed to him as a quarterback depending on the status of his shoulder.

Bill feels that Braxton wanting to remain at Ohio State is largely due to his familiarity with the school, the program, and the state of Ohio. He says he’s comfortable in Columbus and it would be a huge risk to go elsewhere for a single season without knowing the status of his shoulder. He says he’s considering the position change for due diligence as it would relate to his future in the NFL.

Bill attempts to explain the twitter policy that Urban Meyer holds and that there is a line that he won’t let them cross, but that Cardale’s response was acceptable for them. He feels that many people supported Cardale Jones’s response to the fanS tweet.


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