Steve Popper of the Bergen Record says that JR Smith is a very well-liked guy by his teammates and that while he carries a reputation, he’s actually a good guy when you get to know him. He blames the words of Phil Jackson on self-defense at a plan that has gone horribly wrong in terms or rebuilding the Knicks into a contender.

Steve says that almost every time a guy opts out he ends up making more money, and it doesn’t look like that is going to happen for JR. He says the deal the Cavs offered him wasn’t that bad, and $6.4 Million to be on a contender and play with LeBron and increase your desirability isn’t a bad situation to be in. He thinks it would be beneficial for JR Smith to be back with the Cavs.

Steve looks closer at Phil Jackson’s comments and feels its not anything that was hidden or people didn’t already know. He doesn’t think the comments have prevented or given caution to other teams who may have been interested in signing him. He thinks in the end he will return to the Cavs.


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