Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:25-Kiley & Carman try to diagnose what they saw last night in the final preseason game. They discuss the performance and play from Terrelle Pryor and how they felt he did last night and where he stands as far as making the team. They talk about how frustrating it must be as a fan to see him out there and not have a single pass thrown his way.

7:26- Sam Rutigliano, Former Browns Coach says that Bowe and Pryor will need to help the passing game, because the shorter receivers can get shut down in ways that they can’t. He feels that chemistry is more important than talent in the passing game, but that no matter what happens on offense, its for nothing if the run defense doesn’t improve.

7:46- Avery Friedman and Jim Kersey, The Legal Eagles, tackle the decision of Judge Berman to overturn Roger Goodell’s Deflategate ruling. They discuss how the decision will change the power of the commissioner until a new CBA can be agreed to. They also discuss where the case goes from here and why the NFL will continue to fight for their cause on this issue.

8:26-Kiley, Carman, JG, Abe, and some callers take part in “One Good Reason”, a rapid-fire question-and-answer segment

9:28- Doug Gottlieb, CBS Host chats about the return of College Football and the Deflategate decision. He discusses the power of the NFL and how its stronger now than it’s ever been.


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