Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:28-Kiley & Carman discuss whether the Browns, at 2-3, have been an over-achieving team and what aspects have or have not been good enough and if they think things can change as the season continues?

7:10-Kiley & Carman discuss the Chase Utley slide that ended the season for Mets SS Ruben Tejada and if it was dirty or not. Neither of them feels it was a dirty slide, and both understand why Utley would have gone in to 2nd so hard in that moment. They say they would love if the Indians played that way.

7:46-Kiley & Carman challenge listeners to “The Name Game” as we’ll provide 3 names, they could be real or they could be fake, and it’s up to the callers to decide which one. Get three in a row correct and you win!

9:07- Tom Withers of the Associated Press explains that while the road has been unexpected, the team is still just 2-3 and that is where most of us had expected them to be. He talks about the QB future and how he can envision a scenario where Josh McCown starts beyond this season, and that if he could upgrade one position it would be the linebacker.

9:49-Andy Goodman, a collector of scale cars joins the program to chat about his collection over over 30,000 pieces. He talks about where he stores the cars and which among his collection is his favorite.


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