Ian Eagle, CBS NFL Broadcaster says you have to change how you view this game because of the struggles of the Broncos offense and issues with Peyton Manning. He says it’s a reverse-game with the Browns actually doing much more on offense right now. He says that even with the 5-0 record, nobody is buying into the Broncos right now.

Ian says that the major problem for the Broncos hasn’t been Peyton, and while his arm isn’t the same, he’s still a smart QB, but the run game and offensive line have really let down the offense. He does warn that the Denver has a secondary that may be the best in the NFL and McCown and the Browns shouldn’t expect to throw with the same success they have seen in the past few weeks.

Ian says that Gary Barnidge is a true threat and McCown doesn’t look like a 36 year old, but the run game is going to have to show itself if the offense is going to keep it up. He thinks that the Browns have found something on offense, but nobody knows if they can sustain that against the Broncos.


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