Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

7:07-Kiley & Lima share their thoughts for Game Plan Wednesday as they preview the Week 6 game between the Broncos and the Browns. They discuss the recent performance from Peyton Manning and if the Browns can continue their offensive streak against an elite Broncos defense. They talk about momentum coming off the victory over the ravens and what adjustments still need to be made.

8:29-Ben Volin of the Boston Globe knows it has to be tough for Browns fans to see a guy like Jabaal Sheard leave Cleveland to then to perform at the level he has for the Patriots and what has allowed him to be so productive. Ben also talks about the contribution that Dion Lewis has made after being bounced around through a couple teams and why he’s been the work horse for a Patriots team that had relied on RB-by-committee in recent years.

9:10- Ian Eagle, CBS NFL Broadcaster says the Broncos are beatable and its because of the running issues and the protection problems on the OL. He says that the passing success Cleveland has seen is impressive, but don’t expect it to continue against the Broncos secondary who is as good as any in the NFL. He does feel the offense found an identity, but if the run game doesn’t get going it will be touch to keep up against the Denver defense.

9:28- Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer discusses the upcoming schedule, starting with Denver this Sunday, and how it will be a good barometer of exactly what the offense can do. He says Danny Shelton has been okay, but the #12 overall pick can’t just be okay for this team, and that the Denver defense is a tough matchup and throwing 50 times won’t work this week.


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