Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:27-Kiley & Carman discuss Ray Farmer’s comments from yesterday in his first time meeting with the media since the season began. They talk about the trainwreck the press conference was and what he said that they can actually believe.

6:47-Kiley & Carman play the Carman Calorie Counter, along with two listeners, as they compete against each other to correctly guess the number of calories in a given food item or meal.

7:11-Kiley & Carman share their thoughts for Game Plan Wednesday as they preview the Week 9 game between the Browns and the Bengals on Thursday Night. They discuss what they feel will decide the game and what the most important factors are. They look at how Dalton and AJ Green have struggled in years past and if they expect that again. Also they compliment the Bengals run game and how effective they could be this week.

7:28-The Legal Eagles, Avery Friedman and Jim Kersey, join us to chat about J.T. Barrett’s drinking and driving citation and also their thoughts on the marijuana vote that was rejected yesterday.

8:12- Shaun O’Hara of the NFL Network and former Brown provides his expectations for Manziel on thursday Night and why there is much more to worry asbout than him. He also glances at how Ray farmer handled the Joe Thomas trade situation and also where the Browns need to improve if they want to compete in the near future.

8:28- Tony Boselli, Westwood One NFL Analyst says the Brown’s can’t reach where they’d like to be until they get an identity. He feels the team has some talent and some pieces, but until you have a definitive plan of what to d with them, and stick to it, they they will toil around the same level they are currently at.

9:28- Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer talks about some of Ray Farmer’s comments and how you can’t do anything but question what he was saying. He talks about Johnny Manziel starting on thursday night and what he needs to focus on during the game.


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