Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:23-After a second consecutive loss for the Cavs, LeBron spoke up about the team and criticized the mindset. Kiley & Carman talk about him going public with comments and why he does it so often and he’s really the only guy in the league right now that does it.

7:05-Kiley & Carman share their thoughts for Game Plan Wednesday. With the Browns off this week they take a look at the Michigan State-Ohio State game taking place Saturday afternoon in Columbus.

7:48-Kiley & Carman play the Carman Calorie Counter, along with two listeners, as they compete against each other to correctly guess the number of calories in a given food item or meal.

8:04- Michael Oatman, the Director of Kent St.’s production of “The Mountaintop” discusses his decision to cast a white man in the role of Martin Luther King Jr. He explains how he likes to sue theater to ask questions you may not be able to ask elsewhere and his thoughts on some of the backlash that the decision has received.

8:47-Kiley & Carman discuss the Browns naming Johnny Manziel the starter and what levels of trust they can have in both his performance and his off-the-field lifestyle now that he’s the guy for the next 6 games.

9:04- Former NBA Ref Tim Donaghy chats about his road back to respectability and how Manziel is certainly on that route. He discusses LeBron James’ leadership and what could prevent the Cavs from winning the NBA Title this season.

9:29- Tom Reed, Browns Reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer admits that Johnny Manziel has incrementally gotten better but the question still remains whether he can reach the point where he’s a legitimate NFL starter on a consistent basis. He talks about how there’s some QB’s in college that have to be intriguing and the Browns will have a top pick..


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