John Cooper, Former Ohio State Head Coach says Urban is a great coach and the job he’s done is incredible. He chats about his team in ’98 and how he wishes they had a playoff then, because that season could have ended much differently. HE explains that Urban is coaching at an elite level because he’s recruiting on a national level, not just the Midwest.

Coach Cooper admits his record against Michigan isn’t good, but they never lost to a bad Michigan team. He says the Big Ten still isn’t a great conference, but it’s trending still. He explains that with the Buckeyes not being tested yet this season and being able to rise to the occasion.

He says the Michigan State needs to attack in the air and throw the football and someone has to step up and make plays to win the game, because if not, you won’t beat the Buckeyes. He feels that both QB’s are on the table to play this weekend depending on how Ezekiel Elliot is running and what the halftime score is.

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