David Aldridge of TNT and NBA TV says that the Warriors has a better roster than the Cavs if you take Curry and LeBron off the teams. He feels Draymond Green is an X-Factor and one of the most unique players in the league. David says that coaching is more important in the NBA than many fans believe, and while having talent is essential, you can’t just roll out 5 players and expect them to win.

David feels that LeBron wants to be coached, and it’s hard to coach him, but he’s accepted it in Miami and to an extent with Blatt in Cleveland. Blatt understands that LeBron has a great deal of say where the franchise is headed and if he had a problem with that he would have said something or left this past off-season.

David says that LeBron is taking notice of what Golden State is doing, and it may be bothering him, and Golden State is a team that has intimidated opponents at this point considering their start.


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