Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:27-Kiley & Carman discuss Johnny Manziel being named the starter, the losing streak and how badly the team has looked, and being able to see the fans enthusiasm fading and the loss of goodwill in the city over the Browns the past few season.

7:45-Kiley & Carman play the Carman Calorie Counter, along with two listeners, as they compete against each other to correctly guess the number of calories in a given food item or meal.

8:04 –Kiley & Carman share their thoughts for Game Plan Wednesday as they preview the Week 13 game between the 49ers and the Browns. They discuss what the goal should be for the Browns on Sunday and what you are hoping and looking for.

9:07- David Aldridge of TNT and NBA TV discusses the rosters of the Cavs and Warriors and which is more talented. He talks about LeBron and Blatt’s relationship and how David Blatt understands the roles. He also talks about LeBron taking note of what Golden State is doing and it may be bothering him a little bit.

9:28- Tom Reed, Browns Beat Reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer discusses the final quarter of the season and what can still be uncovered. He talks about the future of Johnny Manziel and the coaching staff and what to look for in the final four games. He also explains why the Browns may target a QB in the draft no matter how Manziel looks these last few starts.


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