Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:29-Kiley & Carman discuss Mike Pettine’s comments from yesterday and the idea of a zero-tolerance policy regarding Johnny manziel and how that could just be an easy way out for Manziel if he wanted to take it.

6:46-Your voice has been heard as we reveal the results of the Eat Lightning & Crap Thunder poll and announce the best and worst performers as voted on by you.

7:30-Avery Friedman and Jim Kersey, the Legal Eagles, discuss the changing of the Oscar Pistorius charge and what the differences between the courts there and in the US and how it wouldn’t happen in a court in this country. They also discuss the safety at baseball games regarding foul balls and what responsibility the teams/stadiums have.

8:28- Pete Prisco of CBS Sports explains why Johnny Manziel should be judged for his performance on the field and not off the field. He also looks at finding out if Johnny is the guy or if the Browns need to target a QB in the upcoming draft.

9:04- Eddie Debartolo Jr., former owner of the 49ers chats about how he stayed away from decisions as an owner and put his guys in place to make thost calls. He talks about Bill Walsh having a no-tolerance policy and how money wasn’t the priority for him, it was all about winning.

9:46-Janet Hawkinson, Minturn, Colorado Planning Director chats about the award-winning public restrooms they have in Minturn, what the plans and goal of the bathrooms were, and the attraction they have become since winning the award.


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