Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:27-Wilson & Fedor discuss the showing of Johnny Manziel and whether he took a step forward or a step backward against the Chiefs. They talk about progress he’s shown and if you can trust on him as the QB of the future.

7:21- Former Browns Coach Sam Rutigliano chats about what he’s seen from Johnny Manziel and the other issues the Browns have. He talks about wanting a change at the GM and Head Coach position and also about the way he’d go about bringing in a regime that can solve the issues.

8:06-Wilson & Fedor chat about the Cavs loss to Golden State on Christmas day and how disappointing it was. They discuss how the game played out for the Cavs, what they learned from the loss, and how Iman Shumpert was the most disappointing player from the Cavs that day.

9:30- Brian Geltzeiler, Hoops Critic and SiriusXM NBA analyst says you can crown Stephen Curry right niw if you would like, but that crown depends on the playoffs and on defense too, and Curry has some question-marks with defense. He explains that there’s more asked of LeBron. He also details how the Cavs title hopes rest with Kyrie Irving, not with LeBron or Kevin Love.

9:48-We announce the nominees for our Eat Lightning &amp: Crap Thunder poll as Wilson & Fedor discuss the best and worst performances of the last 7 days. We’ll hold a vote over the next few days to let you decide who Ate Lightning and who Crapped Thunder the past week.


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