Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:06-Kiley & Carman discuss the firings of Mike Pettine and Ray Farmer. They feel Pettine should be grateful he got out of here now and also discuss some of the announcements Jimmy Haslam made last night regarding the future of the franchise.

6:47-Kiley & Carman discuss the role of Sashi Brown and how it relates to Jimmy Haslam continuing to hold power within the football decisions. They talk about how he’ll have final say and the GM role will essentially just be serving as a lead scout.

7:24- Sam Rutigliano, former coach of the Browns, takes a look and the failures of Mike Pettine and Ray Farmer and where it went wrong for each. he discusses how he’d set up the franchise moving forward and tosses out a few names he’d like to see Jimmy Haslam consider for both head coach and GM.

8:28- Former NFL GM Vinny Cerrato talks about the issues he sees with the promotion of Sashi Brown and what it means in terms of which candidates will seriously consider the Browns for GM or head coach. He thinks Jimmy Haslam wants to be like Jerry Jones and until he steps aside and let’s football guys make football decisions than there will be some problems.

9:46-We announce the nominees for our Eat Lightning &amp: Crap Thunder poll as Kiley & Carman discuss the best and worst performances of the last 7 days. We’ll hold a vote over the next few days to let you decide who Ate Lightning and who Crapped Thunder the past week.