Sam Rutigliano, Former Browns Coach thinks both Farmer and Pettine needed to go because they didn’t win and the talent level wasn’t improved. He thinks there are many concerns right now about the next step and hiring a coach before a GM or a GM or coach with no real experience could continue to hold the team back.

Sam says someone will come to Cleveland who is looking to take the next step, but can’t imagine the Browns actually get the guy they have circled. He complains about the draft picks and free agents and calls them mistake after mistake, and the owner needs to make everyone accountable. He feels Doug Marrone has done a good job in a few places and he should be looked at seriously.

Coach Sam says Pettine’s failures was about not letting guys play to their ability. He says the idea that the QB isn’t that important is ridiculous. He talks about some targets for the GM role to cross your fingers for the Browns to get.


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