Vinny Cerrato, Former NFL GM says what Cleveland is setting up appears to mimic what Chip Kelly had in Philly where the GM isn’t quite the GM. He says it appears that Jimmy Haslam is trying to run the team like Jerry Jones. He also doesn’t see any of the desired candidates coming to Cleveland at either head coach or GM and it has to be dead last on a candidate’s list.

Vinny says whomever the Haslams hire, they can’t fire him again in two years. It’s a complete rebuild and firing someone just means starting over again. He takes a look at the rest of the AFC North and how their staffs have shown its about continuity and that’s never been given a real shot since Haslam took over the team.

Vinyn feels it’s pretty clear that the Browns need to separate from Johnny Manziel He says everything about him has been negative and if that’s Haslam’s pick and he can’t step back from it than that is an issue. He says Sashi Browns with the final say is a recipe for disaster.


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