Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:24-Kiley & Carman discuss Alabama’s win over Clemson in College Football’s Championship Game and the onsides kick that Bama used to win it. They were impressed with how Deshaun Watson performed and says he was the best player on the field last night. They compare Ohio State and Alabama and why the Buckeye’s can’t be like the Crimson Tide.

6:45-The guys discuss the pursuit of Hue Jackson and how it’s been reported to be ramping up and they discuss whether or not the trust the Browns to not screw it up. Ken says he won’t trust any reports until things are official, signed, and legally binding. Kevin says the Browns keep reportedly offering power that they don’t have because they’ve given so much of it away from the coach and GM already.

7:44-Kiley & Carman challenge listeners to “The Name Game” as we’ll provide 3 names, they could be real or they could be fake, and it’s up to the callers to decide which one. Get three in a row correct and you win!

8:29- Randy Cross, CBS CFB Analyst and 3X Super Bowl Champion chats about how surprising it was for Alabama to win a shootout and how Clemson has to be kicking themselves for some of the big plays they gave up. He takes a look at Deshaun Watson and how things will be different for him next year in college and how he thinks Derrick Henry will translate to the pro game. He closes discussing the Browns and if he thinks analytics will or won’t work in the NFL as a measuring stick.

9:03- Dick Vermeil, Former NFL Head Coach discusses the challenges he sees in Cleveland right now. He talks about the importance of the relationship between a head coach and the owner being as important as the one between the coach and QB. He talks about how he would handle the Johnny Manziel situation and also his disdain for the interview process.


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