Randy Cross, CBS CFB Analyst and 3X Super Bowl Champion with the 49ers says that Clemson had such bad breakdowns in coverage that it did allow Alabama to score to the point many didn’t think they could. He thinks Clemson will kick themselves because of how they allowed the big play and the special teams plays. He thinks Alabama’s defense knows what it faced in Deshaun Watson and he’ll absolutely be in the Heisman discussion next season.

Randy says that Deshaun Watson is going to get the Johnny Manziel treatment next year in terms of being a huge star and his private life being gone, and it’s impossible to not be affected by that. Randy says Derrick Henry is a monster of a man who is a truck, and in the right NFL offense he can dominate, but he’s a guy that needs to go downhill into space, not side-to-side. He doesn’t worry about Derrick Henry in the NFL because he’ll learn how to take hits and deliver hits and that it won’t all just be easy TD runs, and his last few games showed that.

Randy says analytics can give you some good information, but it’s not an end all, and if it’s your #1 measure of a football player, you will fail. He says at most analytics should make up 1/3 of football decisions and the rest should be from the human eye. He closes with the Burfict-Brown hit and says the officials let things get out of control by not policing things earlier, and that this wasn’t anything new for Burfict.


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