Oz, Tig, and Tonto, three of the six soldiers involved in the battle that the movie, “13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” was based on joins us and open the interview discussing what they were doing and where they were when things started to go down in Benghazi. He talked about the process of having to disobey the orders of their chief to go start the rescue and they felt that the time it took to try to get permission before finally deciding to go without permission probably cost a few lives.

They talk about the rush of being able to fight and the challenges they faced and how all of their training has built them up to performing in the moment. They go through exactly what happened and how the ambassador died and that they felt they could have saved him if they were allowed to go immediately when it all started. They explain their roles while working in the area and why they weren’t supposed to go help in the rescue immediately.

Oz explains the injuries he suffered in the battle and being on the roof that took the lives of two other soldiers and the path he had to take to recovering. They all recap what their emotions were in the aftermath and how they knew things were going to be portrayed differently than it all went down, but the feeling of being able to save lives made up for that.

They chat about why they decided to write the book in the first place and how they really feel the movie did a good job of bringing to life what really happened overseas. They are pleased that people will be able to take out of the film the truth of what happened, and also the adversity faced and how they overcame them.


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