Tim Donaghy, Former NBA Ref talks about the pacing certain teams play with and how sometimes it can get tough on the refs to get up and down the floor, and while fitness is key for the officials, positioning can become just as important for those who can’t quite keep up the entire game. He syas the way that some players treat some coaches is similar to the way that some players treat some refs.

Tim recalls some times when LeBron disrespected his coaches during his time in Miami and how it would make sense that he would have more respect for Tyronn Lue than David Blatt. He says LeBron was pretty good at keeping his cool, but you could tell by his looks when he was frustrated. Tim discusses his memories of Tyronn Lue from his time as a player and if he thinks he can be a successful head coach. Tim says the most important thing to be a head coach now is to be respected, and that he feels that former players have the edge in that now.


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